Start doing cardio like the Royal Cardio

You know cardio is important for your body. If you want to lose that extra fat, you gotta do it. So why have you been skimping on your workouts? Why aren’t you going all out on your body and getting in the best shape of your life?

Why not put in 100% when you’re spending 100% of the time anyway. You spend that much time on the phone when leaving the gym. Put that phone down. Get that 10 minutes of cardio in and make sure that you make it intense. Intensity is the key here.

Yes, weight lifting will build more muscle for you and will burn fat. But you also have to make sure that the muscle you’re building, you have the heart to support it. Or else it’s just useless muscle.

If you can’t run a mile with the new muscle you’ve built, it’s just useless muscle. And nobody likes a lazy muscular man.

So the next time you’re in the gym and scrolling through Instagram after your workout, put it down and get your cardio in.

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